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Welcome to Greenvale Animal Feeds

Based in Limerick, Greenvale Animal Feeds manufacture the prestigious range of Gowla Premium Horsefeeds and Superthrive Coarse Feeds and Muesli Concentrates for cattle and sheep. Apart from providing an extensive range of Coarse Feeds for commercial livestock Greenvale Animal Feeds also manufacture a unique, specialised range of Muesli Concentrates for pedigree cattle and sheep.

Greenvale Animal Feeds is accredited by the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS). In order to achieve this Eurpoean recognised standard, the productin facility maintains specific feed safety and quality standards which incorporates a HACCP plan and a complete traceability system, covering all aspects of animal feed production. 

For further information please contact Greenvale Animal Feeds on 0504 24550


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